onsdag den 16. maj 2012

My 4th lucid dream, flying activated!

Hello guys. 

As you know I've been trying to lucid dream for the last 5 weeks now, and have been successful a few times.
This however, is the first time I've been that much successful. The dream was more clear then any other dream, and I could actually think rationally. If you are trying to become lucid in your dream too, I think this might be worth a read. Either to keep you motivated, or to give you ideas of how you can obtain lucidity, or how you can keep it. But even if you aren't trying to archive lucidity, I would recommend you to read it, since it's pretty cool. And who knows, you might get interested in the whole lucid dreaming thing too!

Again I'm sorry for the weird formatting of the text, but I'm writing in notepad, since it's the program that starts up the fastest on my computer. I'm afraid to forget my dreams if I have to open word and shit.
I promise I will try and make it look better next time.
Anyway, here it is!

The dream

I woke up in a mix of my new house, and my old house. I woke up in my bed, and did a reality check.
At this point, I could already feel that something wasn't right. I pinched my nose, but couldn't
breath through it. I then counted my fingers, and counted 10 the first time, but 9 the second time.
I still wasn't sure enough that it was a lucid dream, so I had to somehow test it. I got up from the bed, 
and found the front door. This door and the entrée was from my dads old house, which was pretty weird, since
We moved from there over 5 years ago. Anyway, when I got out, I stood still. I then said to myself "This IS
A dream. I'm going to float!" I then focused on the feeling of my feet on the ground, and I lifted myself
up in the air. Nothing spectacular, just about 10cm, and for 10 seconds, until I plopped on the ground again.
At this point, I got the rush of excitement. I quickly remembered that I would wake up if I was too excited,
and I calmed down. I then walked a bit away from the front door, and out in the terrain.

The terrain was a really big grass area, with a lot of small hills. If I had to describe it, I would say it either
looks like the "Teletubbies" land, or the studio from a Danish program called "Wulffmorgenthaler".
I've found that that exact landscape, is typical for my lucid dreams. In all of the outside lucid dreams
I've had, it has been the same landscape, with minor changes. The huge green, grassy field, with the
Smooth little hills. Perfect for a picnics actually!

The dream got a bit hazy as I walked out on the field, so I looked at my hands, and really tried to focus on them.
I then said out loud, "Clarity, NOW" but nothing happened. I then waited a few seconds, still staring at my hands, and said "Clarity, NOW!"
and suddenly, eveything got brighter. The fog lifted off my dream, and I was in control like I've never been
In control before. The Night shifted to day, and the moon shifted to sun. I got a very happy feeling, but 
remembered that I shouldn't get too happy, because it's a bad idea to let yourself be controlled by feelings
When lucid dreaming. I did a little brainstorm in my head, and I though of all the things I could do next.
Aha, I'll learn to fly!

This was a little harder then expected, but really fun though. I tried different
Methods of flying, and I managed to fly a bit. Only about 5 meters above ground, and I only went 10feet,
but you know, you gotta learn somehow! There was a nice big tree on the field, close to my house. There
Were also a lamp post, for some reason. I don't know what that did there in the grassy field, but I though
That now it's there, I might aswell use it! So I ran towards it, and swung myself in the air, Success.
Not for long though. Sadly, I'm still to use to gravity pulling me down all the time, that letting
Myself go like that, even in a dream, is quite hard. But I'll learn it, eventually. I already did
Progress tonight, and I bet that the next time I have an LD, I will be chilling in the clouds, making
Friends with the birds. 

In the last bit of my dream, I got kind of tired of trying to fly, and I wanted
To go do something a bit more dirty. I mean What can I say, hormones 'n shit. I pictured the school in my 
head, and ran towards it. In my dreams I can't fly yet, but something I've always been able to do is run
Super fast. Like, so fast that if I jump on top of one of the small hills while running, I will be jumping
50meteres. So I tried running towards the school building, but sadly my dream faded a bit. I think I got 
too excited, and I forgot to keep the dream clear. This is a thing I've got to work on. I didn't reach
The school, but I reached a neighborhood. 

It looked like a typical American "desperate houswifes" neighborhood.
I found a house, went inside and met my mom. I told her that I was lucid dreaming, and she said something
Along the lines of "Wonderful!". I then went to bed in my own dream, and woke up in my own bed, in real life.

This was probably my coolest lucid dream so far. Even though I didn't get any girls, or actually went flying
Longer then a couple of seconds, I was in control, and it was clear. I don't know how to explain it, but 
this dream was something totally different from the other ones.
I'm doing progress!


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