søndag den 29. april 2012

Lucid dreaming? Challenge accepted

Hello everyone!

Recently, I've been having weird dreams. Not just weird, but also extremely real dreams. So real that I almost feel like I've been watching a movie when I wake up. Sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it's bad. I've had some really cool dreams, where I've been experiencing things I would never get to experience in the real world. Things like living in a village, 2000years ago, together with skyscraper tall creatures, riding on unicorns on fire. But sadly, also things like running from a murdere, inside a house with nothing but long dark hallways, and metal staircases.

I also recently heard about "Lucid dreaming". Lucid dreaming, is when you realize you are dreaming, while dreaming, wich means you can get control of what you are doing, inside the dream. And from what I've heard, it should be a pretty cool experience. You can do things like flying, teleportation, and even go through walls.

So I though, when I have theese dream, why not put them to good use? So I opened up Reddit, and began researching. I've now got a plan, for how I'm going to achive theese "Lucid dreams". Here it is:
RC - Reality checks
WBTB - Wake back to bed
MILD - mnemonically induced lucid dream

Reality tests is: A test to establish whether you are in a dream or waking life, actively done during the day in hopes that the habit will continue within dreams.
What I'm personally doing, is counting my fingers. If there is 10 fingers, well good, I'm not dreaming. If there is 11 fingers, I'm probably dreaming. I'm trying to do this every time i remember, wich is about 30 times a day.

Wake back to bed is: When you set your alarm clock to wake you up halfway or 2/3 through your REM sleep, go occupy your brain for 30-50 minutes, and then go back to bed, and carry out MILD.

Mild is: As you fall asleep, recall one of your most recent dreams. Play the dream over in your mind, and imagine yourself becoming lucid in some way. Focus on the feeling you get from becoming lucid in that dream. As you are imagining this, tell yourself, "Tonight, I will have a lucid dream." Use your imagined lucidity to reinforce the idea that you'll become lucid tonight. Repeat the phrase to yourself until you fall asleep.

I'm currently on my 3rd day of doing reality checks, and 2nd night of doing WBTB. I'll keep you guys updated on how things work out, and maby do a dream jurnal on here. Anyway, I'll go to sleep now, wish me luck!
-Rauwz <3

søndag den 15. april 2012

Fingerboarding, is it "gay"?

What is a "fingerboard"?

A fingerboard is a working replica of a skateboard that a person "rides" by replicating skateboarding maneuvers with their hand. It can also be referred to as a finger skate board or even a Tech Deck. The device itself is a scaled-down skateboard complete with moving wheels, graphics and trucks.

Why would that be "gay"?

Well, it's comments like this:
 and this:
that makes me think the general opinion on fingerboarding is considered "gay".

Can i see it in action?

Ofcourse you can! Here is a fingerboarding video in action.

That does look kind of "gay"..

While I do agree that fingerboarding is kind of a childish thing, I do have to say that it can actually be quite fun.
For me personally it's just something to do at my desk, when I'm waiting for something, or I can't go out and skate. Oh, are you loading a game of LoL? Do a few tricks on the tech deck! Oh, waiting for someone to message back on facebook? Do a few tricks on the tech deck!

Hm, I see. Maby not that gay after all. 

I know right?
Ever find yourself drumming your fingers on the table for a few seconds while something loads, or when waiting for your crush to answear you back on facebook? Well it's pretty much what I do, except I do a few tricks on the tech deck instead of drumming. 

I guess that does sound kind of neat. Where could I get one of theese "Tech decks"?

Here is a few links:
Please keep in mind that I have not bought anything from theese sites, except Amazon, but they do look pretty safe though.

I would ofcourse much rather go out and skate for real, but when I can't do that, I don't see what would be wrong with using a tech deck. Don't be so quick to judge other people's hobbies, go find something that you like to do instead.
peace <3

-Rauwz <3

onsdag den 4. april 2012

Theese things, seriously.

Guys, Guys.. Can we just agree on one thing? Q-Tips are fucking awesome.
I mean, if I had a gun pointed at my head, and the guy pointing the gun said "Orgasms, or q-tips?"
I'd have a really hard time deciding wich is better. I mean, q-tipping your ear is pretty much the same thing as an orgasm, just for your ears!

Good guy Q-tip <3

Also, the Come Join Clinexx Land blog has moved to a new domain, and is now (as you can probably see)
So that is pretty neat. I'm hoping to get in contact with a web designer soon, so look forward to
Rauwz 2.0
-Rauwz <3