tirsdag den 30. august 2011

Wallpapers 1.0

So in celebration of getting my 2000th page view (Thanks alot everyone) I thought I'd start up a new weekly thing (The Youtube weekly thing is not gonna be something I'll do. It just didn't fit in on my blog)
And that is:
Wallpapers weekly!
I'll find 3 wallpapers every week, that I think is awsome enough to show on my blog. I will then let you guys decide if you like it or not. And if you do, you can download it, and use it as your own wallpaper!

So let's begin. This first one might seem a bit.. childish? But don't be fooled. First of all it looks awsome, and has a nice minimalistic feel to it. And second of all, it has a great message.
Full resolution Here
Second up is, to be honest, the same picture. But on a darker background, wich I personally prefer. 
Full resolution Here
Now this last one, is something completely else, but also very awsome. it has sort of a nostalgic feel to it. Right?
Full resolution Here

Alright, so I'd love to hear some feedback. Tell me if you'd like me to make this into a weekly thing, and tell me if you like the wallpapers. Also, leave suggestions for what kind of wallpapers you want to see in the comment section, and I'll try to find something that will suit you.

-Rauwz <3

lørdag den 27. august 2011

Counter-strike: Global Offensive

Holy shit.
So guess what i found out this morning.. That's right, a new counterstrike is coming out.
I know right? THAT'S SO AWSOME! I don't know how many of you guys played the older
counter strikes, but I've been playing counterstrike since 1.6, and I still ocasionally
jump on and play a couple of rounds. I loved that game man, and i had a good nostalgia
moment when i saw the trailer for the new "Counter-strike: Global Offensive" game.
I just remembered, how my sommers would be spent on playing css all night, then get up,
play some more and then go out and skate with my friends. All summer. Epic..

now let's talk about the game itself.
In the trailer, I noticed a couple of things.
1. The graphics is not amazing, or on Call of duty/battlefield level. But I have to say,
it does look pretty damn good for a counter-strike game.
2.New weapons. Weapons everywhere! Now for me this is a good thing, because let's be honest,
we are all a bit tired of the old weapons. And then plus, more gun veriaty is allways
good in a first person shooter.
3. New maps. This is not really a big deal to me, since there were so many good map makers
in the css and 1.6 community. But It's still pretty nice.
4. Ranked match making. AWSOME! awsome, awsome, awsome! I can not say this too much,
match making is key! This is where the cod and bf franchise fails to me, no good matchmaking.
It just makes it all the more fun, and compettetive.
5. New game modes. Now this is just like the maps, not such a big deal to me. The modding
community made tons of gamemodes by themselves in css, so GO* souldn't be a challenge.
However, having official game modes, with possibly leaderboards and such, is pretty damn cool.

Counter strike GO is coming out in 2012, realesed by the company valve. It's cross platform wich means console kiddies can play too.. *sadface*..see the trailer on steam now!

So, I'm definitely getting out. How about you? Are you as psyched as i am?
Tell me why / why not.


*Global offensive. The name of the game.

tirsdag den 23. august 2011

Classy as fuck

Play this
and this

at the same time, and repeat after me:
I'm Classy as fuck

torsdag den 18. august 2011


Do you know what grinds my gears?
Not being able to sleep.
I mean really, fuck that! It does not make eny sense what so ever.
I can litterely be seconds away from falling a sleep in class, and when the day is over,
and i can go to bed, I'm fresh as a fucking seagul! I'm mean really!
This is ofcourse coming from a raging insomniac. Been having insomnia since i was about 12,
wich is not that uncommon. Most teenagers get some sort of insomnia. But this is rather extreme,
and it's sticking with me. For example, last night, was laying in my bed. Extremely
tired and exhausted after a long day of work, couldn't sleep. The last time i remember
looking at the clock it was 4:30. At that point you just know that your day tomorrow is gonna
be shit. and it was. It seems like the only thing i want to  to during the day is crawl
in my bed and shut off the rest of the world.

Does anyone have info or tips on insomnia? anything could be useful pretty much.

Oh and btw, i excuse for the spelling mistakes, I'll fix them tomorrow, when I've gotten a hopefully nice night of sleep :3.

-Rauwz <3

lørdag den 13. august 2011

Jessi slaughter

Remember this girl?
Yeah.. she's back.

Allright, so here is the backstory.
Jessica Leonhardt aka Jessi slaughter on the internez made this video about a year ago, where she told people that if they
did not stop bullying her (on the internet) she would "pop a glock, and make your brain go slushy". Now this came from a 12year old.
a couple of weeks after that video was realeased, the site called 4chan noticed it, and it got famous.
Eventually they found her personal information, Telephone number, addres, full name and such.
They used this to pretty much carpet bomb her house with hate mail, death threads and pizzas.
and what did little Jessi do? Well, ofcourse she put another video on the internet, this time of her
crying, and her dad screaming about calling the cyber police.

Now, this ofcourse didn't stop the bullying, but only made it worse. The video got sended around, and memes was created.
At this point, there were even roumers about her father molesting her (wich might be true).
so there didn't happen much the next month or two, until Little jessi and her parents appeared on television.

in this video she explains the whole situation. Now that's fine, but it's obviusly not gonna stop the trolls.
And even worse, there were naked photos leaked of her. I can't show them here on my blog, and i'm not gonna link
you to enything, since it's considered child porn. And that blew it up again.
a bit after that, there were news about her getting punched in the face by her father, wich resulted in her
going into foster care. Her father ofcourse, denied everything.

So this is old news, why are you telling us this? Well, because she just appeared on the internet again. *Facepalm*
In my opinion, she should just have disapread for a couple of years, and maby tried to start a "new life". But no,
she just had to make it all worse. This is her "apolagize" video, take a look.

in the end, it's the parents fault, and i'd give everything i have, to just smack them in the face. Just one time.
They pretty much failed as parents, and ruined this kids life. And then made it worse, by screaming at a webcam, and
taking nude pictures.

So in conclusion, she should just disapear for a few years, let the shitstorm wear off, and then she could live as a normal kid.

oh, and also

fuck yeah...

torsdag den 11. august 2011

Skating is awsome.

So, i got into skating about 2 months ago, and so far, it has been possibly the 2 most       epic months of my life. So it's safe to say that skating has really caught my attention.
Even though the only things i can set is pretty much ollie and a sketchy heel-flip :).

What i like about skating is alot of different things, that combined is a huge awsome explosion.
First reason is probably the feeling you get when you set that ollie, or finnaly do that
360flip you've been training on for days, or maby even weeks. It's such a nice feeling of succes
when you finnaly land that trick. Oh yeah, unexplainable, you need to try out out :).
Second reason is that skateboarding is a very sochial hobby. A great way to meet new people, and a good way strengthen
your bromance. You'll find most skaters are highly approachable, and will ask if you need help when you fumble around on the ground after
falling. I can find many more reasons, but I simply can't fit them all into one blog post.

I live in denmark, where skating is not huge, but there's still a reasonable amount of people skating. 
I skate in the local skate park, called Jägers. It's a rather big flat area, with alot of wooden ramps, rails and such. 
An awsome place, great for both beginners and pro's. It's about 15min from where I live, so that's where i end up with my friends most
of the time. 

now another thing is scooters, and the kids that are "skating" on scooters. 
Let me start off by saying that I do not have enything against anyone on scooters, however, they can be pretty annoying.
And it does really not have enything to do with scooters, more just the people on them, and their age.
While skaters on skateboards can be immature, this ofcourse is dependent on the age and the maturity of the skater, you'll find most
skaters on skateboards to be pretty mature. However this is not the thing with scooters. And I think the reason why is because
the main age of "scooter boys" is between 10-14 (atleast from what I see on Jägers) And this is just the "pre-puberty" age. 
So fellow skaters, don't get too annoyed with kids on scooters, and their mickey mouse voices telling you to get the fugde off the ramp cause they need to go. They will grow up to be mature, just like you.

Oh, and my setup if enyone would be interested is:
Toy machine: Devil cat board

Warp trucks
Warp wheels
Bones reds bearings
Pretty low end setup, but i didn't have much money, and I just wanted to skate!
So in conclusion, skating is awsome.<3

mandag den 8. august 2011

Youtube this week. And also I'm lazy.

I'm lazy. And I'm not really felling like writing blog posts atm, so I'll start this weekly thing called "Youtube this week". Basicly I take the best videos I found on youtube this week, and I link them here for you to see.

This week: Chill music

This is just so.... Chill.. Also, you might have heard it on the game lint.

eDIT, fuck yeah. Check them out. do it!

Another really great tune from Electrosoul system. Awsome dnb music righ here.