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3rd lucid dream, and a big step forward.

Hey guys.
I just had another lucid dream, wich was awesome. It wasn't all that awesome though, since I lost control rather quickly, but still, worth a read if you have 5 minutes.
If you are wondering where my "2nd lucid dream" post is, it's not going to be posted. It was kind of boring, and nothing special. I even failed my reality checks, and though i was awake for half of the dream.
Anyway, I wen't to sleep drunk again, and i think i've found the link between going drunk to bed, and lucid dreaming for me. It's in the bottom of the post if you are interested.

What've I been doing?
I've been training WBTB every night, but I still don't have the perfect timing down yet. I've also been trying some WILD's, but haven't gotten longer then SP. I've been doing "All day awareness", combined with my own new technique. I don't know what to call it, but it's about memory. Every time i'm at a new location, I try and think back on the last few hours. I then kind of do a speed up video of it inside my head. I can for exsample visualize myself eating breakfest, then brushing teeth, then going on my bike, then going under the train station, and then being in school. I also try to remember if i talked with someone, or remember how people i pass by look like. This has probably been done before, but it works for me.


The dream started out kind of weird. Me and my class was going somewhere, to like "Bornholm" or something. We were in the nature
Climbing trees and stuff. Pretty funny. We later meet up at my old house, and there is a few girls there. We are small talking a bit,
and suddenly all of the girls say "This girl thinks you are cute" to me. I turn around, and see this girl. She's pretty standard,
nothing too big, but pretty though. I talk with her, and things go well. We hug a bit, and I think she kissed my cheek.
I got invited by her to dinner in this weird room, and this was when things got interesting. When we are in the room, I notice
How people are changing. Like, it's not the same people that are sitting besides me. Suddenly, my mom shows up. This is where
I figured something was wrong. I tried making her disappear, and suddenly, she wasn't there.

I then did a reality check, and true enough, I was dreaming. I was looking at my hands, and again this was a pretty weird experience.
When I looked at my hands, they looked normal. Yet, when I counted them, and I counted to six on my one hand. I recounted to make sure something
Was going on, and still counted six. I wasn't a 100% """"convinced"""" so I counted the other hand. There wasn't only 6 fingers, they were
Weird colors, and one of them was really small. I told my friends and the girl I was with that I was dreaming, and they said "yeah..".
I got pretty excited, but quickly calmed myself down.

I tried holding on to a table to stabilize the dream, but I just ended up lifting it like it was thin air!
I thing quickly spun around, to try and stabilize it. But again like last time, it totally felt like I was underwater, and I
Couldn't spin around fluently. I then rubbed my hands together, while spinning around. That made everything much easier.
The fog now lifted from the dream, and I was finally inside.

After that, I immediately got teleported away from the room. I was in a scenery with a lot of hills, with small water floods.
It was night time, but I could see quite well. In the horizon, I could see some buildings, with light in the windows. I set my
destination, and I tried flying over there. It went quite well, even though I didn't feel like I had very much control by now.
I flew to the buildings, and looked down. It was all some kind of map.

This map was weird as fuck. It would be awesome as a game map, but it sucked as a lucid dreaming map. I couldn't go anywhere else
That wasn't on the map, and none of the places looked interesting. I then tried teleporting away, and it worked.

Now I was in the dinner room again. I felt the room was a little bit tilted to one side, so I tried fixing it. I ended up making
The room into a rocket, and sending us up to space. I was slowly losing control here. Suddenly we stopped, and some people got on.
I tried thinking really hard about someone I wanted to board the plane, but I couldn't get her to come on board. I though fuck it, I might
aswell take advantage of the last bit of control I had. I then made the "rocket/dinner room" we were in, into a ufo. There
Were weird aliens in the ufo, but it seemed like they were harmless. I actually made them crown me as a king. One of the green guys
Gave me a remote, and pointed me at a huge TV screen. I pressed play, and saw cartoons for the rest of the dream.

The weird part was the thing I was sitting on. I was sitting on the floor, but it felt really weird. It was like bouncy, and
Fluffy. It felt like I think a cloud would feel, if you could sit on it.

I then had a false awakening. I woke up in real life, but fell asleep again within 10 seconds. I then woke up in the dinner room,
which this time was much more normal, and much brighter. I told my buddies I need to go to sleep, so I can lucid dream again, and
I laid my head on a chair. I don't remember anything after this.

I could add much much more detail, but since it's a pretty boring dream to read about, and I only had control for a brief moment, I don't think
It was worth it.

The link
Prior to sleeping I had been drunk, just like my first lucid dream. But I think I found out why it seems to have this effect on me.
When I'm drunk, and go to sleep, I need to go to the bathroom after a couple of hours when I'm sleeping. This means I've technically done
A unintended Wake back to bed. And I think alcohol has just the perfect timing for waking me up, middream.
This means I just need to keep training, and try to tune my WBTB timer perfectly for me.
If I can make my WBTB alarm wake me up exactly the same time alcohol does, I might have much more success with them.

I'll just keep reading on reedit and dreamviews, and keep trying. When I get my WBTB timer tuned, I will do some serious WILD'ing.

-Rauwz <3

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