søndag den 20. maj 2012

5th lucid dream, a quick one!

Hey guys

I hope the formatting is better in this one..!

I had been dreaming quite a long dream, before I finally realized it was a dream, which meant I woke up, right after getting lucid.
I was in an apartment, and I was interviewing a famous Danish actor, Frank Hvam.
When I got up in the apartment, he was sitting on the toilet, and didn't want me to interview him right there.
So I went out the door, and walked down the stairs. This was when I noticed something seemed a little off.
Did I really just see Frank Hvam taking a dump? How did I even get here? So I did a reality check.
I plugged my nose, and I could breath through it. I then looked at my fingers, and not only were there 11 fingers, but they were small, deformed and changing colors.
I kept extremely calm, which is something I've been training on, because I don't want to wake up because of over excitement.
I told myself that I would just get out of the apartment, and I would clarify the dream once I was out.
I only walked down 3 sets of stairs before I woke up.

It kind of sucked because I didn't get to use my lucidity for anything, but also a good thing.
You know, I might not have had too much success this time, but it just means I have more experience for next time. Plus, every little bit of lucidity I can get, keeps me motivated.
Gotta keep positive!


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