søndag den 20. maj 2012

5th lucid dream, a quick one!

Hey guys

I hope the formatting is better in this one..!

I had been dreaming quite a long dream, before I finally realized it was a dream, which meant I woke up, right after getting lucid.
I was in an apartment, and I was interviewing a famous Danish actor, Frank Hvam.
When I got up in the apartment, he was sitting on the toilet, and didn't want me to interview him right there.
So I went out the door, and walked down the stairs. This was when I noticed something seemed a little off.
Did I really just see Frank Hvam taking a dump? How did I even get here? So I did a reality check.
I plugged my nose, and I could breath through it. I then looked at my fingers, and not only were there 11 fingers, but they were small, deformed and changing colors.
I kept extremely calm, which is something I've been training on, because I don't want to wake up because of over excitement.
I told myself that I would just get out of the apartment, and I would clarify the dream once I was out.
I only walked down 3 sets of stairs before I woke up.

It kind of sucked because I didn't get to use my lucidity for anything, but also a good thing.
You know, I might not have had too much success this time, but it just means I have more experience for next time. Plus, every little bit of lucidity I can get, keeps me motivated.
Gotta keep positive!


onsdag den 16. maj 2012

My 4th lucid dream, flying activated!

Hello guys. 

As you know I've been trying to lucid dream for the last 5 weeks now, and have been successful a few times.
This however, is the first time I've been that much successful. The dream was more clear then any other dream, and I could actually think rationally. If you are trying to become lucid in your dream too, I think this might be worth a read. Either to keep you motivated, or to give you ideas of how you can obtain lucidity, or how you can keep it. But even if you aren't trying to archive lucidity, I would recommend you to read it, since it's pretty cool. And who knows, you might get interested in the whole lucid dreaming thing too!

Again I'm sorry for the weird formatting of the text, but I'm writing in notepad, since it's the program that starts up the fastest on my computer. I'm afraid to forget my dreams if I have to open word and shit.
I promise I will try and make it look better next time.
Anyway, here it is!

The dream

I woke up in a mix of my new house, and my old house. I woke up in my bed, and did a reality check.
At this point, I could already feel that something wasn't right. I pinched my nose, but couldn't
breath through it. I then counted my fingers, and counted 10 the first time, but 9 the second time.
I still wasn't sure enough that it was a lucid dream, so I had to somehow test it. I got up from the bed, 
and found the front door. This door and the entrée was from my dads old house, which was pretty weird, since
We moved from there over 5 years ago. Anyway, when I got out, I stood still. I then said to myself "This IS
A dream. I'm going to float!" I then focused on the feeling of my feet on the ground, and I lifted myself
up in the air. Nothing spectacular, just about 10cm, and for 10 seconds, until I plopped on the ground again.
At this point, I got the rush of excitement. I quickly remembered that I would wake up if I was too excited,
and I calmed down. I then walked a bit away from the front door, and out in the terrain.

The terrain was a really big grass area, with a lot of small hills. If I had to describe it, I would say it either
looks like the "Teletubbies" land, or the studio from a Danish program called "Wulffmorgenthaler".
I've found that that exact landscape, is typical for my lucid dreams. In all of the outside lucid dreams
I've had, it has been the same landscape, with minor changes. The huge green, grassy field, with the
Smooth little hills. Perfect for a picnics actually!

The dream got a bit hazy as I walked out on the field, so I looked at my hands, and really tried to focus on them.
I then said out loud, "Clarity, NOW" but nothing happened. I then waited a few seconds, still staring at my hands, and said "Clarity, NOW!"
and suddenly, eveything got brighter. The fog lifted off my dream, and I was in control like I've never been
In control before. The Night shifted to day, and the moon shifted to sun. I got a very happy feeling, but 
remembered that I shouldn't get too happy, because it's a bad idea to let yourself be controlled by feelings
When lucid dreaming. I did a little brainstorm in my head, and I though of all the things I could do next.
Aha, I'll learn to fly!

This was a little harder then expected, but really fun though. I tried different
Methods of flying, and I managed to fly a bit. Only about 5 meters above ground, and I only went 10feet,
but you know, you gotta learn somehow! There was a nice big tree on the field, close to my house. There
Were also a lamp post, for some reason. I don't know what that did there in the grassy field, but I though
That now it's there, I might aswell use it! So I ran towards it, and swung myself in the air, Success.
Not for long though. Sadly, I'm still to use to gravity pulling me down all the time, that letting
Myself go like that, even in a dream, is quite hard. But I'll learn it, eventually. I already did
Progress tonight, and I bet that the next time I have an LD, I will be chilling in the clouds, making
Friends with the birds. 

In the last bit of my dream, I got kind of tired of trying to fly, and I wanted
To go do something a bit more dirty. I mean What can I say, hormones 'n shit. I pictured the school in my 
head, and ran towards it. In my dreams I can't fly yet, but something I've always been able to do is run
Super fast. Like, so fast that if I jump on top of one of the small hills while running, I will be jumping
50meteres. So I tried running towards the school building, but sadly my dream faded a bit. I think I got 
too excited, and I forgot to keep the dream clear. This is a thing I've got to work on. I didn't reach
The school, but I reached a neighborhood. 

It looked like a typical American "desperate houswifes" neighborhood.
I found a house, went inside and met my mom. I told her that I was lucid dreaming, and she said something
Along the lines of "Wonderful!". I then went to bed in my own dream, and woke up in my own bed, in real life.

This was probably my coolest lucid dream so far. Even though I didn't get any girls, or actually went flying
Longer then a couple of seconds, I was in control, and it was clear. I don't know how to explain it, but 
this dream was something totally different from the other ones.
I'm doing progress!


søndag den 13. maj 2012

3rd lucid dream, and a big step forward.

Hey guys.
I just had another lucid dream, wich was awesome. It wasn't all that awesome though, since I lost control rather quickly, but still, worth a read if you have 5 minutes.
If you are wondering where my "2nd lucid dream" post is, it's not going to be posted. It was kind of boring, and nothing special. I even failed my reality checks, and though i was awake for half of the dream.
Anyway, I wen't to sleep drunk again, and i think i've found the link between going drunk to bed, and lucid dreaming for me. It's in the bottom of the post if you are interested.

What've I been doing?
I've been training WBTB every night, but I still don't have the perfect timing down yet. I've also been trying some WILD's, but haven't gotten longer then SP. I've been doing "All day awareness", combined with my own new technique. I don't know what to call it, but it's about memory. Every time i'm at a new location, I try and think back on the last few hours. I then kind of do a speed up video of it inside my head. I can for exsample visualize myself eating breakfest, then brushing teeth, then going on my bike, then going under the train station, and then being in school. I also try to remember if i talked with someone, or remember how people i pass by look like. This has probably been done before, but it works for me.


The dream started out kind of weird. Me and my class was going somewhere, to like "Bornholm" or something. We were in the nature
Climbing trees and stuff. Pretty funny. We later meet up at my old house, and there is a few girls there. We are small talking a bit,
and suddenly all of the girls say "This girl thinks you are cute" to me. I turn around, and see this girl. She's pretty standard,
nothing too big, but pretty though. I talk with her, and things go well. We hug a bit, and I think she kissed my cheek.
I got invited by her to dinner in this weird room, and this was when things got interesting. When we are in the room, I notice
How people are changing. Like, it's not the same people that are sitting besides me. Suddenly, my mom shows up. This is where
I figured something was wrong. I tried making her disappear, and suddenly, she wasn't there.

I then did a reality check, and true enough, I was dreaming. I was looking at my hands, and again this was a pretty weird experience.
When I looked at my hands, they looked normal. Yet, when I counted them, and I counted to six on my one hand. I recounted to make sure something
Was going on, and still counted six. I wasn't a 100% """"convinced"""" so I counted the other hand. There wasn't only 6 fingers, they were
Weird colors, and one of them was really small. I told my friends and the girl I was with that I was dreaming, and they said "yeah..".
I got pretty excited, but quickly calmed myself down.

I tried holding on to a table to stabilize the dream, but I just ended up lifting it like it was thin air!
I thing quickly spun around, to try and stabilize it. But again like last time, it totally felt like I was underwater, and I
Couldn't spin around fluently. I then rubbed my hands together, while spinning around. That made everything much easier.
The fog now lifted from the dream, and I was finally inside.

After that, I immediately got teleported away from the room. I was in a scenery with a lot of hills, with small water floods.
It was night time, but I could see quite well. In the horizon, I could see some buildings, with light in the windows. I set my
destination, and I tried flying over there. It went quite well, even though I didn't feel like I had very much control by now.
I flew to the buildings, and looked down. It was all some kind of map.

This map was weird as fuck. It would be awesome as a game map, but it sucked as a lucid dreaming map. I couldn't go anywhere else
That wasn't on the map, and none of the places looked interesting. I then tried teleporting away, and it worked.

Now I was in the dinner room again. I felt the room was a little bit tilted to one side, so I tried fixing it. I ended up making
The room into a rocket, and sending us up to space. I was slowly losing control here. Suddenly we stopped, and some people got on.
I tried thinking really hard about someone I wanted to board the plane, but I couldn't get her to come on board. I though fuck it, I might
aswell take advantage of the last bit of control I had. I then made the "rocket/dinner room" we were in, into a ufo. There
Were weird aliens in the ufo, but it seemed like they were harmless. I actually made them crown me as a king. One of the green guys
Gave me a remote, and pointed me at a huge TV screen. I pressed play, and saw cartoons for the rest of the dream.

The weird part was the thing I was sitting on. I was sitting on the floor, but it felt really weird. It was like bouncy, and
Fluffy. It felt like I think a cloud would feel, if you could sit on it.

I then had a false awakening. I woke up in real life, but fell asleep again within 10 seconds. I then woke up in the dinner room,
which this time was much more normal, and much brighter. I told my buddies I need to go to sleep, so I can lucid dream again, and
I laid my head on a chair. I don't remember anything after this.

I could add much much more detail, but since it's a pretty boring dream to read about, and I only had control for a brief moment, I don't think
It was worth it.

The link
Prior to sleeping I had been drunk, just like my first lucid dream. But I think I found out why it seems to have this effect on me.
When I'm drunk, and go to sleep, I need to go to the bathroom after a couple of hours when I'm sleeping. This means I've technically done
A unintended Wake back to bed. And I think alcohol has just the perfect timing for waking me up, middream.
This means I just need to keep training, and try to tune my WBTB timer perfectly for me.
If I can make my WBTB alarm wake me up exactly the same time alcohol does, I might have much more success with them.

I'll just keep reading on reedit and dreamviews, and keep trying. When I get my WBTB timer tuned, I will do some serious WILD'ing.

-Rauwz <3

lørdag den 5. maj 2012

Success! I just had my first lucid dream.

I'm really excited! I just woke up about 1 hour ago, and I've eaten some breakfast.
It came as kind of a shock to me, because I didn't think I was going to be able to have a successful lucid dream that fast. I've written down the dreams, so that you can all read it, if you want. It's quite a long read, but in my opinion it's worth it, and especially if you are trying to lucid dream yourself.

Some backstops.
I was pretty drunk last night, when I went to bed. I drank as much water as I could, to avoid the hangover.
I'm not a 100% sure this has anything to do with my lucid dreams, but I think they might.
I've been doing reality checks about 30 times a day, for the last week and a half. I've also been keeping a dream journal, from 3 days before my last blog post.

So here is what I wrote after I woke up.
(sorry for the weird spacing, but I wrote it in window notepad, and wasn't even fully awake)
I just had my first lucid dream.

In the first one, I was on some kind of muddy grass field, but with a view of a lake. It was a mixture between "Lyngby sø", and a picture i saw on facebook. When the dream started, I don't really remember what happened all that well, but I know my brother somehow had something
To do with it. He influenced me to go to this weird place. Anyway. I was on the field, with some kind of old big guy. He was making
a painting of the scene. I had a microphone, and some guy behind me was holding a camera. I think I was a news reporter or something.
In the middle of the interview, the old guy stared right into my eyes, and said, "You are dreaming". His head then went back to being
Completely normal.  The next thing I did was squeeze my nose, and see
If I could breath though it. I could.
And this is where I think it wen't wrong. I tried stabilizing my dream by quickly moving around, but it felt like I was underwater.
I couldn't move around really. Everything was also slowly fading, until I woke up. I opened my eyes kind of disappointed, and went back to sleep.

This is when things got interesting. I woke up in a mixture of my dads house, and a fancy Chinese restaurant. Me, a few girls and a few guys where there.
Where were chatting and just goofing around. Everyone moved into a room in the basement, where they started looking at funny videos. I now did my reality check,
and I noticed I could breath right through my nose, even though it was clogged. I then counted my fingers, which was one of the most awesome
Experiences I've ever experienced. There were not only 12 fingers, but they were also deformed, and in weird colors. When I looked at them, everything in the background
Seemed to change colors, just like if somebody was trying all the filters on their new webcam. I then quickly span around,
trying to stabilize my dream. It was really hard again, but I somehow managed to do it. When I was done, everything was extremely clear.
This part is kind of embarrassing. I'll leave the names out. Anyway. I was still dreaming, and at this point the dream was pretty stabile,
so I tried if I could "summon" people. Sadly it didn't really work. I didn't try all that hard either though, so that might have been the problem.
But after failing to summon someone, I tried making someone sleep, and that did work. This girl suddenly fell down (I cought her midfall, pretty romantic eyh?..),
I then kissed her. Now this is the embarrassing part. She woke up, and was really surprised. She got up and screamed at me.
Now, at this point I was shitting my pants.. I though that she would remember it after we woke up, because she wasn't sleeping. It doesn't make any sense at all, but
In the dream it did. So at this point I thought, fuck it, I'll try again. I then made her sleep again, and woke her up with a little kiss.
This time she wasn't screaming, or running, or punching me in the nose, but she slowly opened her eyes, while kissing back. At the time I didn't really think much of it,
but now that I write it down, it does remind me a lot of the snow-white kiss-to-wakeup kind of thing. Anyway, we kissed for a bit, and ended up going outside.

I woke up, kind of annoyed, because I wanted to sleep on.
But, I finally fell asleep again. This time, it wasn't a mix between my dads house and the Chinese place as it was in the 2nd dream, but it was completely
In the Chinese place. I quickly did my reality checks, and failed all of them. I then spun around in a circle, while rubbing my hands together, to create stability.
Eveything worked out pretty good. Now, this dream was pretty lame actually. I seriously don't know why I didn't try to fly, or to have sex with selena gomez (yup, you can't deny it.).
This dream is hard to explain, but I'll try my best.
I was with my sister, going down some random roads. In the dream, the "Google streetview" cars was going to come in a few minutes.
There were thousands and thousands of justin beiber pictures everywhere, which is the weird part. I somehow dreamt that all the little justin beiber fans had made a plan,
to mass advertise him on every street, every time someone wanted to use Google maps. So I was walking around with my sister and taking theses down, because, who wouldn't?
Now this is the awesome part, I dreamt that there were a $100 strapped to every one of theses pictures. By the end of the dream, I was a fucking millionaire.
I then woke up, and realize how fucking stupid I was, to not try to fly, or do something awesome, but to go around town taking down justin beiber posters..

The weird thing is that I'm not even a fan of justin beiber, and I haven't heard any of his songs in a looong time.
On the other side, I'm just glad it wasn't Nickelback.

Ps. Sorry for all of the spelling errors, or lack of commas. I'm still learning :)!

-Rauwz <3