onsdag den 28. december 2011

Ipod/iphone Quick tip (Jailbreak required)

I usually use my ipod when i'm out skating, cycling or running, and one problem I've been experiencing, is changing songs while in movement. So what I've done is I jailbroke (jailbreaked?) it, and downloaded a program called "Activator" from Cydia. What this has done is allowing me to change songs just by holding down the "volume up/down" button, wich can be done without having to take the ipod up of the pocket.
I'll show you how it's done.

Firstly, install Activator and go into your options, it should be in there with your other programs.

Go into activator->anywhere

If you want it to be the volume up and down buttons like me, chose the "up short hold" and "down short hold"
but you can set it to different buttons if you want. Ex. you can set double pressing the home button to change song, or unlock the ipod, or go into an app.

When you have choosen wich buttons you want, you need to assign them to "previous track" and "next track"

And you are done! Now you can change songs just by holding down the volume up or down button. Wich (as i previously said) can be done without even having to stick your hand down your pocket.
Now there is only one kind of annoying thing about this, and it is that you can't turn the volume down by holding it, but you can still change the volume by pressing the up and down, just don't hold it.

Hope you find this usefull!

-Rauwz <3

onsdag den 14. december 2011

Dumbfoundead #swag

Recently I came across this guy called Dumbfoundead.

Jonathan Park (Korean: 박성만 Park Sung Man) (February 18, 1986), better known by his stage name Dumbfoundead, is a Korean American battle rapper originating from the Los Angeles Underground's Project Blowed. He is well known for his affiliation with the West Coast division of Grindtime and his participation in Jumpoff's 2007 World Rap Championships; both of which have given rise to his status as a strong web presence. He did a stint as the opening act for Epik High's Map the Soul tour. Dumbfoundead is a member of the hip hop trio Thirsty Fish and the Los Angeles battle crew the Swim Team.
-from his wikipedia page Here

I found myself having his verse in "a new kind of sexy" on repeat alot, and I decided to look him up, wich was not a mistake!
I later fell in love with his music, and I have a few videos i suggest you check out!

And some of his cyphers

I hope you like this beast of a freestyler, and like him as much as I do!

-Rauwz &lt;3

tirsdag den 22. november 2011

Wallpapers 9.0

Fist of all, let me just say sorry for being a day late on this, but I was playing LoL with my brother and some of his friends. We got into this really really long game, and it was late and stuff. You know.
Anyway, let's get started shall we?

So, I really hope you like theese. I love them. The last one is my current wallpaper.
Please leave suggestions to themes of wallpapers or even specific resolutions.

mandag den 14. november 2011

Update 'n stuff, I guess.

So, there is really not alot going on right now.. I'm usually against writing posts like this, but meh..

I skated a bit over the weekend, feelsgoodman. Dropped my first real ledge, I was pretty excited.
Right now I'm sitting with a blanket in my chair, listening to this:

Pretty chill. Dub fx is a great musician btw. You might want to check him out, just saying.
I guess I'll just zone out for a bit, and then go to bed. Probably with some podcasts to fall asleep on.
Actually, just a little update on the insomia. I've been listening to podcasts while trying to fall asleep. Having the volume just high enough for me to be able to hear what they are saying, but low enough for me to not focus on it. Works great, and I seem to be getting more sleep. Not sure if it does work though, but it feels like it. So, you know.. I'm good..
I', currently working on some redstone stuff in minecraft. Something with noteblocks. Should turn out pretty cool, I don't know though. Tbh it will probably end up like most of my other minecraft ideas, in the trash. Not because I can't do it, I just get bored, and want to do something new. I think I might have some add when it comes to stuff like that. Reminds me, I had this really awesome save a couple of weeks ago. I had like, a pretty cool base in the side of a mountain, pretty standart, but hey, it works! But I built this underground sewer system. It was huuge! it had like 20 ways crossing, and the lighting was perfect. Moody, and kind of creepy. Coasy maby.. But unfortunaly my computer decided to crash on me, and I lost my save.. Damn you notch!

So anyway, I guess I will leave you with this.
fits my mood. Take care.
-Rauwz <3

fredag den 4. november 2011

In the spirit of haloween..

As a child, I absolutely loved the show called Ed, Edd n Eddy. It's been some time since I last thought of the show, and i thought it was lost in my brain with the other weird shows I watched back then. I guess I was wrong. And as for the whole reason to why I thought of the show again, it's a story I've read. Something called a creepy pasta. It's a long story, google will help you understand. Now this read is quite long, but it's really worth it. Its's simply amazing. And especially if you watched it as a kid, you would never think of it as evil, disturbing or anything like that. Just, simply a funny cartoon. So, just a disclaimer before you read it: I did not make this, nor do I claim to have made it, I just really really like it. Also, it's kind of disturbing, and if you are not into scary stuff, I would suggest not reading it.
So without further ado, here it is.
EDIT: The pic seems to be spazzing out, so here is another picture http://filesmelt.com/dl/a95915_867741.jpg

mandag den 31. oktober 2011

What's going on?

What's going on?
I'm back! that's what's goin on! I've been on and off on the blog for a couple of weeks now, but I had some personal stuff I had to do. So, More posts, and more awesome!
I've been browsing the internet recently, and I've found some rather horrible stories.
anal chair death Boy Killed By Anal Penetrating Chair

so if you are sitting in one of theese chairs,
I would seriously recommend atleast getting some 

In other news, liars will be liars.
This one is worth a read if you are looking for lulz.
Also, I can't help but wonder, if I go fuck a donkey, would it transform into a hot chick?

I can just imagine the pedo's waiting in line outside..
Seriously though, parents, watch your fucking kids. Christ..

Oh, Karma is a bitch.                                           I want to play a game...

This is what I do to people who plank. Seriously, stop that.

Prepare your anus...

-Rauwz <3

onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

Wallpapers 8.0

So, I'm back. I'll explain what's going on with this blog in another post. Probably tomorrow or the day after, dunno.

Let's get started shall we?
A little bit of Mario to begin with

And what is Mario without Luigi?

I really don't have much to say about the pictures this week...

I hope you see something you like!
Feel free to leave suggestions for next week in the comments
-Rauwz <3

tirsdag den 11. oktober 2011

Wallpapers 7.0

Hi guys, before we start, I want to just say sorry for being so inactive these last few days. I've got exams, and on vacation next week. But no worries, you'll still get your wallpapers, and after my vacation i will bring back the random topic posts. Thanks for being understanding.

Now let's get started, shall we?
This week doesn't really have any specific genre, but more just a couple of awesome walls I've found thoughout the week. Starting with... My own! That's right, ever wondered what my desktop looks like.
Now, I'm ofcourse changing my wallpaper all the time, but this is what it looks like right now.
The mac style doc i got, is a program called Rocketdock. (Download link below) It's a great little thing to have, just makes everything easier. Also, it looks nice :).

The awesome "calender" i got in the left, is an addon to a program called Rainmeter. (download link below). Rainmeter is a  great program, made for people who want to keep their desktops nice and easy to navigate. some of the things you can do with rainmeter, is for eksampel make dates, clocks, auto updating weather forecasts and show how much ram you are using. Believe me, worth checking out.
Oh, and this is my wallpaper. Calvin and hobbs, if I am not mistaken. A few years since I last read those comics, great times though..

Next is.. gasmasks? Yeah, I know. Kind of a weird genre, but I am finding a new born interest in theese. They are just so.. badass!
And another one..
and the last one, for this week. Tell me if you'd like more. I'm sure I can find more of theese.
These next 2 ones are actually pretty relevant. You know, Occupy Wallstreet and stuff.
And another one
Next up is 3 ekstra wallpapers, as an excuse for not posting alot atm.

So, until next time, take care. :)
Also, feel free to leave suggestions to what kind of wallpapers I post.

-Rauwz <3 


mandag den 3. oktober 2011

Wallpapers 6.0

For exstra awesome, download all the pictures, put them on fullscreen shuffle, and listen to this.
Awesome time, will, be, had..!

Anyway, let's get started, shall we?
This one is quite amazing. Really. It kind of has a futuristic feel to it, am i right?
Dunno why really, but this one reminds me of the D12 cover art. Anyone else?

I guess i wan't the only one swiping my stuff under the carpet when i was cleaning my room back in the days.

Look at that, that is fucking gorgeous!

And this last one.. I really love theese kind of pictures. Amazing what can be done with photoshop.

BUT WAIT! there is more!
For being such an amazing following, I'll throw this one in the mix too, just for you, because i love you. <3

And as always, have nice day.
oh wait, that's fpsrussia, sorry. What's that? you haven't heard about fpsrussia? well keep updated on my blog, and you'll see his face on here in a few days.

-Rauwz <3

fredag den 30. september 2011

Man up

Havin' a bad day? Feeling a bit down? perhaps, your girlfriend left you?
well, man the fuck up!
Yeah, that's right. Stop whining. Harsh ? Maby.

But seriously though, this will probably make you feel better :).