onsdag den 8. februar 2012

podcasts part 2

The Rooster Teeth podcast / drunk tank

The rooster teeth podcast (formerly known as the "drunk tank") is another one of my favorite podcasts. It's basically the rooster teeth guys, who group up and talk into microphones for an hour and a half. It's mostly about random stories, that usually starts with "So me and X was hammered one night", but also with a hint of gaming. They mainly got famous for their Halo series "Red vs. Blue" which, if you haven't seen yet, I'd seriously recommend. They have a big Youth channel, with lot's and lot's of gaming videos, for example their "horse" series, which is where they play custom maps in halo reach, and who ever finishes the map last, get's a letter. You know, like skate. I usually listen to the podcasts once during the day, and then at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. That way I don't think too much about the stories, but I can just kind of "zone out".

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