søndag den 19. februar 2012

Getting ready for the summer

Hello everyone, I'm back from my skiing trip to norway, and I'm telling you, It's not gonna be the last of them!
Awesome times were had, difinately. I'm not very good at skiing, but I'm getting better. I'm thinking about trying out snowboarding next time. Anyway, I'm back, and I'll get back to updating my blog as I usually do.

Board swag up!

So since Summer is right around the cornor, I've been browsing some skatershops, and I've come up with, what I think, is a pretty nice setup.

First up, is the trusty Element board. This time, the "Cascade" model. Has some nice rasta colours, and I like the size.

Second up we have a nice pair of trucks, this time by "Thunder".

I allready have some rather new "Bones Reds" bearings, so I (hopefully) won't be changing those this summer.

Last up is a nice pair of wheels, again in the rasta colours, made by Element

So, So far this summer is looking pretty good.

-Rauwz <3

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