onsdag den 25. januar 2012

Tinnitus and my story

Around this time 2 years ago, I remember waking up with a weird sound in my ears. Not quite a buzzing, nor a ringing sound, but more like the sound that comes when you turn on a really old television. You know that sound, right? the eeeeeeeee- sound? I figured I just had an ear infection, so I played the waiting game. Apparently I won, because I'm still to this day waiting for it to get the fuck out of my head. After about 2 months of constantly ringing in my ears, I went to my doctor. He sent me to a specialist (Didn't pay a penny btw, Denmark fuck yeah!) and they ran a few tests on me. Luckely no tumors or anything was found, but sadly that also meant they couldn't do anything. So since then I've been going through some different "treatments" and nothing have worked, meaning it did help me not focus on the sound, but it's still there. Yep, all the time.

I don't blame the doctors though, there just isn't really any cure yet. There is a fuckton of ways to help you not focus on it (meditation, sound devices and stuff like that) but the thing is, There is still sound involved.
And that's the thing that gets me the most, that I can't just enjoy silence, but I need constant sound in my ears to overcome the tinnitus. 

I can't describe how much I hate having to listen to music, podcasts or just any sound when I'm trying to sleep. I NEED SILENCE TO SLEEP! But nope, Scumbag ear.

Sleeping with tinnitus is the worst thing. Right now, theese past two weeks have been horrible. It takes me 1-3 houers to fall asleep, because I have a hard time sleeping from noise. Imagine sleeping in the same room as a party, sober. that's how I feel, every.. damn.. night..

But I'm not here to complain, but to bring awareness. Tinnitus is horrible, and a real thing. You can't see it, but it's there.

Now, I've been looking online for "treatments" or "medicine" that would help me, and to my surprise I found this video:
I was so happy, I finnaly found something that looked like it was going to help. But this was when I checked their website (Not even gonna link you) 
In the video they are talking about how horrible it is to have this, and how there is no other treatments that works. And yet they still have the audacity to sell this for $300 for a 6month subsciption
Scumbags. Really.
but in the end, I will probably be trying this, since I'm more desperate for a cure for this shit then a 17year old virgin boy is to get poontang. If I decide to try it out, I will do an update. Also, if any of you have tried this, please let me know how it went.¨

Also, if you could please do me, and many others a favour, please donate a few bucks to the tinnitus research. It might be your money that could save thousands of peoples sanity.

-Rauwz <3

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  1. Have you tried Lipoflavinoid? It's worked for a couple friends of mine (I work in the audio industry, so these kinds of things can be a big problem).