mandag den 23. januar 2012

Wallpapers 11

Yeah buddy! I'm back, and I'll stay this time :).
Sorry for the inactivity, but I just finished school, and I'm ready to update this blog, if not daily, atleast 4 times a week. I've got a lot of spare time now, so yeah.. Let's get this started !

Current wallpaper, pretty cute. Goes really well with my rainmeter setup.

I thought this one was quite amazing too. Would love to hike there..

This one is made my one of the lovely people on
it's an edited version of this:

a bit of a weird resolution, but it doesn't really matter. Fits my widescreen fine.

aww, I love this one.

I hope there is something you like, if not then please comment saying what you'd like to see next time. 

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