mandag den 14. november 2011

Update 'n stuff, I guess.

So, there is really not alot going on right now.. I'm usually against writing posts like this, but meh..

I skated a bit over the weekend, feelsgoodman. Dropped my first real ledge, I was pretty excited.
Right now I'm sitting with a blanket in my chair, listening to this:

Pretty chill. Dub fx is a great musician btw. You might want to check him out, just saying.
I guess I'll just zone out for a bit, and then go to bed. Probably with some podcasts to fall asleep on.
Actually, just a little update on the insomia. I've been listening to podcasts while trying to fall asleep. Having the volume just high enough for me to be able to hear what they are saying, but low enough for me to not focus on it. Works great, and I seem to be getting more sleep. Not sure if it does work though, but it feels like it. So, you know.. I'm good..
I', currently working on some redstone stuff in minecraft. Something with noteblocks. Should turn out pretty cool, I don't know though. Tbh it will probably end up like most of my other minecraft ideas, in the trash. Not because I can't do it, I just get bored, and want to do something new. I think I might have some add when it comes to stuff like that. Reminds me, I had this really awesome save a couple of weeks ago. I had like, a pretty cool base in the side of a mountain, pretty standart, but hey, it works! But I built this underground sewer system. It was huuge! it had like 20 ways crossing, and the lighting was perfect. Moody, and kind of creepy. Coasy maby.. But unfortunaly my computer decided to crash on me, and I lost my save.. Damn you notch!

So anyway, I guess I will leave you with this.
fits my mood. Take care.
-Rauwz <3

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