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I've been playing Terraria for the last 2 weeks, and I finally managed to beat all of the hardmode bosses solo. So I though, why not show off my world?
It doesn't look all that pro, but I've been playing on many different worlds on this character, and I've used a lot of time on building other stuff, that I haven't been satisfied with. But I finally think I have something that I am actually satisfied with, and I can show to you guys. Here is a few pictures.

Starting with the middle of my, construction. I started building kind of upside down pyramids beside eachother, and finished it off with a Chinese inspired building on top.

I use the top of my chineese house for boss battling. This is my little arena, mostly designed to kill the Mechenical worm.

To the right we have the "grass pyramid" wich is used for daybloom farming, and npc housing.
Also, in the lower right corner you can see the little npc houses I have, because I currently don't have enough rooms in the pyramids.

The left pyramid is the "hellstone pyramid" used for crafting, item storing, spawn point and npc housing.

To the very left we have the "aquarium pyramid" wich is still a work in progress.
 And on top of the "aquarium pyramid" we have the pixel art of Honeydew from the Yogscast.
because, why not?

Anyway, that is what I have done in Terraria so far. I have the full hallowed out armor, with a legendary excalibur. 

I will definitely recommend Terraria to anyone who has played and enjoyed minecraft, or to anyone who loves 2d sandbox games. I personally like this better then Minecraft, because it has more of an RPG feeling to it. 

-Rauwz <3

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