mandag den 12. marts 2012

Podcasts: Giant Bombcast

Giant bomb podcast
The giant bombcast is a weekly podcast made by the guys from realeased every tuesday.
The Giant bombcast team consists of: Davis, Gerstmann, Caravella, Shoemaker, Klepek (last names).
the podcast is mostly gaming related, but with a good twist of random stories, kind of like the Drunk tank, just with more gaming. The Bombcast is a great way to stay on top of the gaming news and realeases.
I like falling asleep to the Giant bomb podcast, but it's also very nice to listen to while gaming.
I find their smooth and deep voices very relaxing, wich makes them a good sleeping aid.
I would definitely recommend the Giant Bombcast to all gamers in general.
Their podcast:
Their site:

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