mandag den 19. september 2011

Wallpapers 4.0

I'm back with yet another edition of Wallpapers. The weekly post where I show you what kinds of awsome wallpapers I have, for you. Yeah that's right, they're all yours. Keep 'em.

This week:  Kittys and Tf2

Starting with this cute fothermucker. Yeah, look at it. It's looking into your soul.

Just.. so.. cute..

I love this one..

Now, let's get to something a bit more manly. I mean, kittys are cute and all, but they ain't tf2.

Hmmprgff hmmm, prrrfffmmhhg mmmhhgh.

Tune back next monday for a new episode of wallpapers. Please leave suggestions/critique in the comment box below. 

-Rauwz <3

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