lørdag den 10. september 2011

Minecraft 1.8 leaked! Download file included.

Guess what got "leaked" last night. minecraft 1.8!
So that's pretty much what I've been doing the last few houers. These are the changes
I noticed myself while playing.

New main menu, looks really cool and smooth.
New features in the options menu. This includes Fov change 70-110(Finnaly), Invert mouse and
Brightness scale from moody to bright.
Also there is a brand new Game mode, Creative mode. It gives you unlimited resources, free flying and you destroy blocks instantly.

In game things that has been added:

Poisoning (couldn't find the reason why I got poisened, but i'm pretty sure it was the damn spiders!)
Sprinting, this is so awsome. Notch you have heard my prayers!
Revines, looks awsome, and great for exploring. Also kind of a nice place to start a little camp.
could you imagine that? Making a camp with your buddies in smp, and then fight your way through the abandon'd mines,
killing poisinois spiders?
Abandoned mines, This is also great, I love how you get the feeling that there has been people before you, who hasn't survived.
Sea bioms, this is awsome, gives you an actual reason to make your underwater glass base. I'll be making those from now on!
Endermen, Really not that cool, imo. It's always good to get more mobs n stuff, but yeah.. Alot of people seem to like them though.
xp bar, Really great idea. It makes the whole game alot more rewarding. I now actually feel like moving my ass out of my castle to kill mobs!
Clouds doesn't go through buildings anymore. Thanks notch. Thanks.
New blocks: Stone bricks, stone brick slabs, stone brick stairs, slabs, stairs and fence gates.
You can charge up arrows, to do more damage.
Vines, Hanging down from trees mostly, but also in revines, wich is awsome. Gives you the feeling that it's old and overgrown.
Bigger biomes, wich means you won't find the 10x10 biomes anymore. Good notch, have a cookie.
Villages. Once again, awsome. Gives you the feeling you are the only one surviving in this workd of zombies and endermen.
Melond seeds. It's kind of cool, I guess.
New eating animation, Looks really goofy, I quite like it!
Pumpkin seeds, also cool, I guess.
Silverfish, Comes out of a stone kind of block. It's really cool!

Things I'd like to be added: 

Smp spectating.
Minefield biomes. Come on, think about it.
Sushi. Could be crafted with drops from silverfish and squids.
Rice seeds. So the sushi could be completed.
Poisonous arrows. Could be crafted from spider drops, since they poisen you now. Would make sense wouldn't it?

In conclusion, I really really love this patch. It gives the game many more things to do. Good boy notch.

You can download the 1.8 file here

Oh and also, before i go:

-Rauwz <3

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    Imma have to download :D

  2. So I guess I'd better start crafting, finally!

  3. Like it! Minecraft is awesome... I play it all the time ;)

  4. everytime i read about minecraft, the will to play it rises, think im gonna download it

    hope you visit my blog about spiders =D

  5. It wasnt leaked, notch realeased a pretest version! :)

  6. Haha, that video was pretty funny since Minecraft is really buggy right now.

  7. Oh I'm installing it.

  8. Nothing like wasting MORE time with a newer version of Minecraft.

  9. this is awesome, newer minecraft :)

  10. Oh great!, I've read about enderman and special seeds like "suavebabby", Awesome!

  11. Yes, can't wait to play this!

  12. oh nice;
    cant await to play it.
    thanks for posting ;)

  13. Hey Seb Its Me..
    Seb: Who?
    Me: Nahh Peperoni!

  14. Minecraft kinda sucks, why do so many people like it?

  15. oh god, this means ill be calling up suick to work after i dl,... THANks VERY MUCH LOL