torsdag den 11. august 2011

Skating is awsome.

So, i got into skating about 2 months ago, and so far, it has been possibly the 2 most       epic months of my life. So it's safe to say that skating has really caught my attention.
Even though the only things i can set is pretty much ollie and a sketchy heel-flip :).

What i like about skating is alot of different things, that combined is a huge awsome explosion.
First reason is probably the feeling you get when you set that ollie, or finnaly do that
360flip you've been training on for days, or maby even weeks. It's such a nice feeling of succes
when you finnaly land that trick. Oh yeah, unexplainable, you need to try out out :).
Second reason is that skateboarding is a very sochial hobby. A great way to meet new people, and a good way strengthen
your bromance. You'll find most skaters are highly approachable, and will ask if you need help when you fumble around on the ground after
falling. I can find many more reasons, but I simply can't fit them all into one blog post.

I live in denmark, where skating is not huge, but there's still a reasonable amount of people skating. 
I skate in the local skate park, called Jägers. It's a rather big flat area, with alot of wooden ramps, rails and such. 
An awsome place, great for both beginners and pro's. It's about 15min from where I live, so that's where i end up with my friends most
of the time. 

now another thing is scooters, and the kids that are "skating" on scooters. 
Let me start off by saying that I do not have enything against anyone on scooters, however, they can be pretty annoying.
And it does really not have enything to do with scooters, more just the people on them, and their age.
While skaters on skateboards can be immature, this ofcourse is dependent on the age and the maturity of the skater, you'll find most
skaters on skateboards to be pretty mature. However this is not the thing with scooters. And I think the reason why is because
the main age of "scooter boys" is between 10-14 (atleast from what I see on Jägers) And this is just the "pre-puberty" age. 
So fellow skaters, don't get too annoyed with kids on scooters, and their mickey mouse voices telling you to get the fugde off the ramp cause they need to go. They will grow up to be mature, just like you.

Oh, and my setup if enyone would be interested is:
Toy machine: Devil cat board

Warp trucks
Warp wheels
Bones reds bearings
Pretty low end setup, but i didn't have much money, and I just wanted to skate!
So in conclusion, skating is awsome.<3

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  1. I feel you man. I've been skating for years. Keep up the good work.

  2. very unrelated to this post but what's your first language?

  3. I used to skate for a while a few years ago, had to quit then I broke my arm bailing and wrecked my deck in the process. I should really start again.

  4. I've been skating for almost 10 years. :D

  5. I wish I could skate. But I can't yo'll have to teach me sometime okay? thanks man you are the best. good luck to you! -zach

  6. When I was a kid my father got me a skateboard. It was my 6th birthday and the skateboard he got for me was even taller than me. Needless to say, I never learned how to skate. It was freaking ridiculous how he got kind of mad at me for not using the skateboard he got me. I don't think he ever understood that I couldn't maneuver something that was twice my size...

  7. Not my thing, more for my brother.

  8. Yeah, skating is awesome. I was quite good at it when I was a kid (like, 12 years old), maybe I should pick it up again...

  9. Haven't touched my skates for year. After some missteps I stopped skating.

  10. Skating was cool. now i can't find skates my size but skateboarding I could never do. Fell on me ass way too much!

  11. Remember the good ol' days with my bro.