lørdag den 13. august 2011

Jessi slaughter

Remember this girl?
Yeah.. she's back.

Allright, so here is the backstory.
Jessica Leonhardt aka Jessi slaughter on the internez made this video about a year ago, where she told people that if they
did not stop bullying her (on the internet) she would "pop a glock, and make your brain go slushy". Now this came from a 12year old.
a couple of weeks after that video was realeased, the site called 4chan noticed it, and it got famous.
Eventually they found her personal information, Telephone number, addres, full name and such.
They used this to pretty much carpet bomb her house with hate mail, death threads and pizzas.
and what did little Jessi do? Well, ofcourse she put another video on the internet, this time of her
crying, and her dad screaming about calling the cyber police.

Now, this ofcourse didn't stop the bullying, but only made it worse. The video got sended around, and memes was created.
At this point, there were even roumers about her father molesting her (wich might be true).
so there didn't happen much the next month or two, until Little jessi and her parents appeared on television.

in this video she explains the whole situation. Now that's fine, but it's obviusly not gonna stop the trolls.
And even worse, there were naked photos leaked of her. I can't show them here on my blog, and i'm not gonna link
you to enything, since it's considered child porn. And that blew it up again.
a bit after that, there were news about her getting punched in the face by her father, wich resulted in her
going into foster care. Her father ofcourse, denied everything.

So this is old news, why are you telling us this? Well, because she just appeared on the internet again. *Facepalm*
In my opinion, she should just have disapread for a couple of years, and maby tried to start a "new life". But no,
she just had to make it all worse. This is her "apolagize" video, take a look.

in the end, it's the parents fault, and i'd give everything i have, to just smack them in the face. Just one time.
They pretty much failed as parents, and ruined this kids life. And then made it worse, by screaming at a webcam, and
taking nude pictures.

So in conclusion, she should just disapear for a few years, let the shitstorm wear off, and then she could live as a normal kid.

oh, and also

fuck yeah...

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  1. Eh, hope she's not crazy anymore

    This is like the opposite approach they should have taken. I woulda just stayed off the net and waited for it to die down. Giving them more ridiculous footage is just feeding the fire. Parents are noobs, results in noob daughter.


  3. I think I'll just leave her alone.

  4. lol @the dubstep remix x)
    She still thinks she's something by making an "apology" video

  5. Her dad is a idiot. All he had todo was take away the computer regardless of how much it might make her cry.

    Now look at him. And look at her. I dont believe she is really sorry. She still wants attention, in time it will just be something else I think.

  6. She should have tried for a new life on some deserted island where they don't have internet. When that shit first happened it was hilarious but now I'm so sick of her I could puke.

  7. Hard to feel sorry for the stupid.

  8. I feel a bit sorry for that girl, obviously she has some problems, growing up in a white trash home, with a looser dad, who didnt teach her anything about respect or proper behavior, i hope she gets a good life.

  9. the parents should have just taken her computer away. easy fix

  10. Arrg this hurts my brain, this cant be real she must be playing around or something.

  11. Didn't know her dad beat her up :o Thanks for the info. She actually seems kinda... nice in the new video.

  12. I'm lovin the dubstep remix!

  13. Lol I just read about this a couple days ago. I wish I found out about it when it actually happened. These videos are funny.

  14. Feel bad for this little girl. Damn shame. Really parents? Yelling at a computer? WTF?!

  15. Oh boy, this girl again. Her and CWC are like internet super heroes.

  16. LOL, this post is just great. REPLAY