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What is dubstep?

Dubstep is a music genre, a feeling, and a lifesstyle.
-Okay maby not a lifestyle, but it's pretty damn awsome.
Dubstep is a genre of electronic music. Mostly known by it's head-slamming bass, and neat wobbles.

What is so good about dubstep?

Tough question, with a lot of answears. 

one of the things i personally like is how one song can be extremely chill, while another song
can be extremely hardcore, and how it's a 100% up to the dj to decide the mood and the overall feeling of the song.
a good example would be Skrillex's ~Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites~. This song is extremely high speed,
and really awsome. Now let's take a look at Munkey's remix of ~Time is now by Moloko~ This remix is extremely chilled,
and makes for a great background track for when doing something like browsing facebook, reading twitter,
or hell, even writing blog posts. one is high speed, and makes you feel like you can conquer the World, and the 
other one makes you feel weightless and makes your head nod. While they both have two things in common.
It's dubstep, and it's awsome.
So in conclusion, it's really up to the individual person to decide what they like about dubstep.

ok, you have me convinced, I like dubstep, What should i do now?

Youtube is your friend. Nokidding. Also, Soundcloud.
If you are new to dubstep, you have to take my guided tour, starting right now.

The first dj is Rusko. He's one of the big guys in this community, and you will definantly hear about him sooner or later.
~~Rusko tunes to check out:
"Woo Boost"                                    >Personal favourite.
"Hold On" feat. Amber Coffman       >also very good.
"Pro Nails"                                       >This is a big one, also recommended.

Second stop is MT Eden. There is not much to say, he's a legend.
~~MT Eden tunes to check out
"Sierra Leone"                      >Lemme guess, this is what got you hooked on dubstep, amirite?
"Still Alive"                           >Truly amazing, kind of chill remix of Mirrors edge's theme song Still alive.
"Beautiful Lies"                     >Not a personal favourite, but alot of people seem to like it.

And last but not at all least, Skrillex. He's one of the main dubstep icons, at this point of time atleast.
Skrillex Tunes to check out:
~~"Scary monsters and nice sprites" >This is an awsome headbanger, definantly a personal favourite.
~~"In For The Kill"                 >Best dubstep remix of a song of all time. Seriusly.
~~"Slats slats slats"                 >UNCH UNCH UNCH UNCH UNCH, wait what was i doing?

But! let's not forget the smaller dubstep dj's.
Here's a couple of awsome tunes from various smaller dubstep producers.

~~watch?v=LP3btdyiOgQ                    >Katy Perry ET remix.
~~watch?v=XFPOF6CIZp4                 >Stromae Alors on dance remix.
~~watch?v=KPTTSyKX0P0                >Some raggae remix.
~~watch?v=FGe1fBi3znk                      >Eminem Superman remix.
~~watch?v=kFscKCu-jHs                    >The Lonely island I'm on a boat remix.
~~watch?v=vB3McrBcLcU                  >The Prodigy Voodoo people remix.

These can all be found on youtube and is worth a listen.
and Remember, if you want to keep up to date with awsome dubstep tunes like theese, be sure to check in on my youtube channel, i'm
favouriting the very best of dubstep. Also, feel free to leave your favourite dubstep songs.
Youtube Channel: RauwFishVids > www.youtube.com/RauwFishVids

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  1. Dubstep is a great form of music next to drum and bass of course.

  2. Thanks, have been wondering for a while.
    Not a big fan of it though :)